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Birthday Kits - Making Sure Every Kid Has Their Special Day

As a community service project for 2012-2013 season, the Carolina Lightning Hockey families provided “Birthday Kits” for students at a local public school in Raleigh. Below is the information we received from the school:


“Can you imagine never having had a cake or birthday party in your life? Many of our students experience this due to their family’s financial limitations. To help with this, we provide “Birthdays in a Bag” to help their child have a special day. How YOU can Help: We need gift bags, cake mix, icing, colorful plates & napkins, candles – whatever you think would make a child’s birthday special. We are especially looking for a long-term relationship

Carolina Lightning Hockey wanted to help, believed we could help and took on this challenge. We collected items for the Birthday Kits during the annual overnight Friday, October 12th. The supplies were used to stock the school’s Birthday Closet where the birthday children get to “shop”.  Our organization provided 204 sets which included:

  • birthday gift bag

  • tissue paper

  • 8 packs of birthday plates

  • 8 packs of napkins

  • cake mix

  • cake icing

  • 10 balloons

  • candles

  • birthday pencil

  • Plastic hockey stick w/ set of pucks

  • McDonalds Dollar (birthday child gets a special treat)

  • large swirl lollipop w/ “Happy Birthday from Carolina Lightning Hockey” sticker on wrapper

Project Coordinators:  Donna Downs and Michelle Flynn