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Steps on how to use this page:  

1.  Upload the gif and swf to flash directory
2.  go to source and cut/paste the link to both
3.  Test on both mobile and web.  Will need to publish page to do this.​
4.  When done testing, import to page that want to publish on.  Will need the html and javascript.
5.  Unpublish this test page via page properities date.

Note the javascript is keying off of div tags so ensure each flash is independently set up with these

Must have the javascript on page as engine.


Try Hockey

Try Hockey - credit to RCI





Rain on me

This is one that is on welcome page.  We can remove once done as one above is better.




Hoppy Halloween





Happy Halloween



First one created - this one has sound...not keen on Note html has been commented out in source.